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The Fun Begins!

Topsy Turvy Toys in New Bremen, Ohio was born on June 27, 2007 with the idea that children need to play in order to grow into great human beings.

This is the place WHERE PLAY MATTERS!!

After successfully helping kids, teens and adults develop more playful lives, the decision was made to open a second location.

Topsy Turvy Toys^2 was born on June 1, 2018 to bring exponential fun to even more friends.

Ambassador of fun and kindness, CATHI HALL, is the owner / operator of Topsy Turvy Toys. She has always followed the “Play Matters” motto at home with her own family; in the workplace as an educator and business owner; and with all friends and neighbors who visit Topsy Turvy Toys.

She loves meeting all happy humans (BIG and small) and will likely someday set the world record for making the most people smile in one day.

​Don’t ask her which toy is her favorite… She will probably say “All of them!”